The dogs have always been present in my family since I was aware of myself. At the beginning we had mongrels and I won my first dog with a pedigree in 1979. It was a female dog, of poenter race, named Debra, and this photography from august in 1980. testifies it. I had two male dobermanns after her but my serious work as a breeder began on the 5th of January in 1995. It is actually the birthdate of unforgettable Ginga.


She came to my house on the 30th of May. I founded the kennel "Ginga House", after this big female dog, her constitution, her character and her big heart in 1997. Of course, I named this raising site after her. Although I knew that it wasn't sonorous and attractive name, I wanted it to remind me of her even when she wouldn't be alive anymore, because she was the base of my kennel.

Unfortunately, that day had to come. Ginga hasn't been with us since 29 November 2002, but she will stay in our hearts forever. She left numerous progeny which will, I believe, leave the profound trace in the world of dobermann, and in that way transmit her name forever. I owe this site to her because it is in some way a remembrance on her.

As one of the biggest successes of her descendants I would like to expose the victory of a breeder group on IDC Bratislava 2003. That is the crown of our work so far. At the same time I would like to thank to all day owners who participated and helped the group to lead out. The dogs that participated in the breeder group are: Gemini, Gambler, Gama, Divina, Zana, Ishta Iske, Ira, Inca. On this occasion I am asking all day owners from the kennel "Ginga House'' who have new photos but they are not on this site, to send them in order to enrich this site.

Thanks in adwance